Lennox Lewis Might Be Paid HOW MUCH To Fight A Klitschko Brother?

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10.10.13 8 Comments

Lennox Lewis is one of the rare professional fighters who went out on top, as he retired in 2004 with the WBC, IBO, The Ring, QVC, KFC, GOP, LMNOP and A2M heavyweight titles, after he defeated Vitali Klitschko via TKO in his very last fight, way back on June 21, 2003. Ten years later, Lewis is still remembered as one of boxing’s greatest heavyweights, while Klitschko has successfully defended his WBC Heavyweight title nine times since winning it in 2008. Obviously, neither of these men needs any sort of interaction with the other today, short of, “Man, 2003… remember Uncle Kracker? What were we thinking!”

Alas, this is boxing we’re talking about, and naturally someone has, at the very least, asked the question: “What if these two fought today?” And yesterday, Eurosport Tweeted the incredibly ridiculous and totally asinine reality.

Words escape me, so appropriate GIF responses:

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