Leslie Jones’ Olympics Live Tweeting May Have Earned Her A Trip To Rio

Leslie Jones return to Twitter has been highlighted by plenty of Snapchat filters and a renewed mission to live tweet practically everything. The latest fascination for the SNL comedian is the Rio Olympics and literally carrying the flag for Team USA — on her person, around her neck, on her couch, wherever she can put a flag. The lady clearly loves the Olympics and it seems that some of the folks at NBC have noticed.

Mike Shoemaker, currently of Late Night and formerly of SNL, pointed out how the entire slate of Jones’ entertaining Olympics coverage might be better suited for some TV love.

He tweeted at NBC Rio Olympics producer Jim Bell and it would seem he took notice:

Not a bad way to parlay something silly into a paying gig — at least you would assume it would pay. You’d also assume it was serious, though The Hollywood Reporter claims it was a joke. It might end up, but the responses that followed seem to indicate that something might happen:

Having Saturday Night LIve members show up at the political conventions, even if it seemed a little random at times, was a nice addition to the typical coverage we saw many networks give the games. Seeing how NBC owns the broadcast for the Olympics, it would give people with little interest in the games to watch. It would also give the network something else to do with the SNL studio space that isn’t being occupied by Olympics broadcast equipment. I guess just watch and see what happens.

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)