03.20.08 10 years ago 78 Comments

Okay, tip-off for March Madness was a few minutes ago, and from here on out my priority will be drinking beer and watching basketball.  I'll have some more posts through the rest of the day, but my heart won't really be in it, and it will probably be obvious.  Hey, everyone else is fucking off at work, why can't I?

For those of you stuck in an office without beer and television, and with constrictive measures like a "boss" and strict policies against not wearing pants, you have my empathy.  I was once unable to follow the tournament at all, and work was so hectic I didn't even enter a tourney pool.  The NCAA coverage in Iraq that year was woefully slow.  So I consider this karmic payback.

Anyway, use this as your NCAA tourney open thread.  Right now Xavier's up over Georgia 5-2.  Updates not likely. 

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