Let’s Fix Paulina Gretzky’s Complex Shoot

08.02.12 6 years ago 10 Comments

Wayne Gretzky’s daughter Paulina has become popular on the Internet for taking off her clothes and Instagramming it, and a couple of months ago when even her Stanley Cup mark photo had a yellow piss filter over it I asked:

Has there ever been an un-instagram-filtered picture taken of Paulina Gretzky? Not complaining, I’m just wondering.

The folks at Complex magazine wondered the same thing, so they brought in the “aspiring singer” for an interview where they briefly asked her about sports and Canada before putting cherries in her mouth and taking as many pictures as possible. The shoot is obviously “hot”, but something’s missing. I don’t know. Something about Paulina stepping out of her grainy, washed-out box and filling in for cheesecake fashion photoshoots Brooklyn Decker would destroy is sad.
So here’s Paulina Gretzky’s Complex photoshoot in both “normal” and “photoshopped to make it look like she took a picture in 1972 and left it in a shoebox for 40 years” varieties. Next time you shoot this girl, fashion world, use an iPhone.
Update: As an added bonus, stick around until the end for like 10 pictures of her actually Instagramming herself on the set of Grown-Ups 2 because f**king OF COURSE she’s in Grown-Ups 2. Thanks to BroBible for those.

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