Let’s Watch An 11-Year Old Running Back Hurdle A Defender

Pro Wrestling Editor

rebel-football-hurdleThere’s always a chance in these soulless, modern times that cool football plays uploaded to YouTube are just AT&T commercials in disguise, but accepting it for what it claims to be, here’s an 11-year old running back for the 6th grade Obion County Schools football team hurdling a defender like the world’s youngest, most asexual Michelle Jenneke.

Bob’s Blitz shared the video earlier today, and as of the time of this posting it has about 400 views and one comment. That comment, however, points out a crucial inconsistency in the video: #27. Watch him just as the hurdling RB goes in for the touchdown. He’s got the angle on him, he could plow him down or at least push him out of bounds, but if THAT happens, the play doesn’t become a viral YouTube sensation. So what does he do? He takes a double knee and awkwardly slides into him. We’re onto your game, AT&T.

Of course, the other option is that #27 is 11-years old and terrible at football. Either one could be true.

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