Let’s Watch The Dodgers And Diamondbacks Brawl Set To ‘Street Fighting Man’

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06.12.13 13 Comments

Dodgers Brawl

As I wrote the other day, all the Los Angeles Dodgers apparently needed to break out of their awful funk was the excitement of a flashy, young player like Yasiel Puig. And all it took to gain a game on the National League West leading Arizona Diamondbacks last night was Puig taking an Ian Kennedy fastball to the face.

In the bottom of the 6th inning, with a 2-0 lead, Kennedy let one get away and popped Puig right in the kisser at 92 mph. Amazingly, Puig stayed in the game, but his teammate Zack Greinke wasn’t going to let that fly, and he started the next inning by hitting Miguel Montero with a pitch. Both dugouts received their requisite warnings, but Kennedy said, “Aw hell naw” and threw at Greinke’s head in the bottom of the 7th inning, causing both benches to clear and a long, wonderful brawl to break out.

The beautiful irony of this entire stupid fight is that the Dodgers and D-Backs were selected to open the 2014 MLB season in Australia. So have fun with that, mates. In the meantime, someone hit G-SEVENNNNN for me!

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