Lions Prez Blew Twice The Legal Limit

06.28.10 8 years ago 5 Comments

On Friday evening, Detroit Lions President Tom Lewand was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving, after police pulled him over for driving “erratically.” Upon questioning Lewand, the officer claimed to have smelled some booze, leading to the standard field sobriety test. Lewand initially refused to take a breath test, but later huffed out a .21 and then a .20, as revealed today by the Detroit Free Press. The legal limit for Michigan is .08, so Lewand’s results are a tad frowned upon.

Lewand, who claimed to be a designated driver that evening, had been sober for close to a year and a half before this little episode, and has since announced his regret for putting everyone on the road that night in danger. NFL representatives have yet to announce if Lewand will face a punishment, but feel free to weigh your thoughts on a person driving with a BAC of nearly three times the legal limit against his statement apology:

“I am deeply sorry for my actions and take full responsibility for them,” Lewand said in a statement released by the team Saturday night. “As a person in active recovery, I am committed to taking all necessary steps to insure nothing like this ever happens again.” Via Detroit Free Press

Vastly popular* Lions owner William Clay Ford defended his franchise president to the chagrin of angry fans and local media members calling for figurative blood. Ford sees a man who needs help and not scorn, saying in his own statement:

“Tom made a very serious mistake and he appropriately owned up to that mistake.

“As he continues to seek professional assistance for this problem, the Lions will support and help him in any way possible.

“I continue to have full confidence that Tom will positively lead our organization as he has since assuming his current role of team president. He has all my support.” Source

Meanwhile, coach Jim Schwartz also defended Lewand, citing the team president’s role in him taking the coaching gig in the first place. The Lions await word on league punishment, but a good idea might be suspending Lewand in favor of Matt Millen for six games.

*Haha, just kidding, fans hate him.

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