Live Straddle: The Price Of Poker Has Just Gone Up

07.12.10 8 years ago 3 Comments

PUNTE is in Las Vegas covering the WSOP Main Event. For more daily updates from the Main Event, follow his dedicated page at

Today’s Action: Day 3. 2,557 players remaining. It’ll be the first day of the Main Event where the entire field will be in the building at the same time. Players will be scattered around the Rio Convention Center Floor, between the larger Pavilion Room and the smaller, ESPN-infested Amazon Room. Players with short stacks will be forced to make moves early with less-than-idea cards, while bigger stacks will continue to pad their equity in preparation for the cash bubble tomorrow.

Semi-Notable Celebrity Sightings To Date:

Jason Alexander.

Hank Azaria.

David Alan Grier.

Shannon Elizabeth.

Jennifer Tilly.

Orel Hershisher.

Ray Romano.

Rene Angelil.

Dennis Haskins.

“Stone Cold” Steve Austin.

Montel Williams.

Top Pair: Lacey Jones. She entered Day 3 with 18,200 in chips. With blinds starting at 500-1000 with a 100-chip ante, she’ll have to make a move soon. Preferably, on me.

Young Poker Pro That Makes More Money Than You: I was a party thrown by the good people at PokerListings on Saturday when Chad Batista offered me a ride home. Honestly, he could have driven me out into the middle of nowhere and blown a couple of holes in my head, but hey, free ride. Chad, who goes by “lilholdem” online, made a name for himself in 2007 when he won one of the big Sunday tournaments, pocketing $212,000. He has made one final table in 2010 and over $635,000 in live tournament winnings. Thanks for the ride, Chad!Img.

Bad Beat Of The Day:

Antonio Esfandiari is known as “The Magician” in the poker world, and here he watches as $85,000 of his own money disappears after making a great call against Daniel Negreanu, who finally has a bit of luck come his way on “High Stakes Poker.”

Bizarre Prop Bet That’s Actually Kinda Recent: Via @RounderNews…two guys made a “last longer” bet for a WSOP tournament. The loser had to get a tattoo featuring a poker site logo with the two starting cards that got them sent to the rail and marry a girl in Vegas before heading back home. Video is here. That tattoo is ridiculously huge.

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