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Maria Sharapova has been at New York’s Fashion Week, and she ended up sitting next to Olympic champion Nastia Liukin at the Peter Som show, whatever that is.  Also pictured in the front row: actresses Kate Mara and Elizabeth Banks.  Newsday (via SbB) says:

[Sharapova nd Liukin] mugged for the paparazzi before the show, chatting until the lights went down, and then Nastia watched the models strut by — giving most and up-and-down and keeping a placid smile on her face … a far more sedate reaction than that of actress Elizabeth Banks, who sat on the gymnast’s other side visibly oohing and ahhing.

Also pictured in the photo collection below: Sharapova at the Herve Leger show and Alicia Sacramone at the BCBG show.  And Sacramone brought her silver medal.  Yeah, way to parade that around, Alicia.  Coulda been a gold if you could land on your feet, you know.  Oh, what am I saying?  I’m sorry.  I could never stay mad at you.

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