08.06.08 10 years ago 18 Comments

UPDATE: Favre to the Jets.  Too bad, I liked this image.

I was waiting to see if the deal would become official before the close of business, but apparently the impending Brett Favre-to-Tampa trade still hasn't come to fruition, no matter how much I've ignored it all day.  His agent says he might also go to the Jets.  Whatever.

Anyway, this is the last Favre post until I can stomach typing his name again, so get your hatred in now while it's still fresh and steaming.  If you need help understanding what kind of a gigantic douchetank Favre is, Mike Silver's most recent column is a nice primer.  Silver basically just recounts Favre's actions at every step in his near-retirement process, from his cold shoulder to Aaron Rodgers to his lies about wanting to come out of retirement to the poor way he handled returning to Green Bay — with bonus commentary on how retarded Packers fans are!

So that's all for now.  Maybe I'll mention Favre again some time in September, when there's a game recap to write.  You know, ACTUAL football news that isn't just Rachel Nichols and Chris Mortenson trying to huff his farts.

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