This Soccer Player From Honduras Suffered Perhaps The Most Horrific Injury You’ll Ever See

Every so often, an injury happens in a sporting event that makes you question how the human body works. We saw it decades ago when Lawrence Taylor broke Joe Theismann’s leg in half on Monday Night Football. That was perhaps the first time a national TV audience got up close and personal with the brutality of sport, and the dangers of football. And yes, in general, most of these types of injuries happen on the gridiron, though Paul George’s injury for USA basketball remains one of the toughest to stomach.

On Tuesday night, Honduras midfielder Luis Garrido was rushed to the hospital after suffering this brutal leg injury. It’s so gruesome, it doesn’t make sense. At one point, Garrido’s leg appears to point in the opposite direction. The injury resulted in a torn ACL and PCL. He will be out at least a year, according to several sources.

Here is the video, and, I can’t stress this enough, it’s bad. Very bad. One of those where you’ll question why you watched it in the first place.


AP photographer Fernando Antonio captured the exact moment things went sideways and OH NO, have mercy.

There’s so much nope in that picture. So much awful.

Mexico went on to beat Honduras 2-0.

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