A High School Football Team Pulled Off One Of The Most Miraculous Comebacks Ever On The Final Play

Everyone knows about the huge rivalry that exists between Lynn Classical and Lynn English. The hatred runs deep. The passion can overwhelm at times. The … okay, look it’s the day after Thanksgiving and this is a pretty cool ending between two high school football teams, so just enjoy this fun and glorious content.

English was down 15-12 with 14 seconds remaining when that team’s quarterback hit a receiver for a 20-yard touchdown with eight seconds remaining to put English ahead 20-15. (In case you couldn’t tell from the play-by-play guy’s voice, this game took place in Massachusetts.)

This video is edited together oddly, but it appears fans stormed the field after the ensuing kickoff without realizing there were three seconds left. There was an offside on that kickoff that resulted in a re-kick that would ruin their day.

That’s because on the kickoff after the penalty, Classical ran a little razzle dazzle when Melvin Nieves lateraled to Marcus Rivera and Rivera ran 83 yards for a game-winning touchdown. There’s no video of fans storming the field here, probably because they were sad but also Classic needed to kick the PAT to win 21-20.

It was a very wild ending to a game between two schools named after Red Sox hero Fred Lynn (that’s probably not true). The type of comeback you’ll be telling your grandkids about.