07.25.08 10 years ago 12 Comments

I'm not the dedicated video game nerd around here — that honor belongs to Mr. Ape — but from what I understand, there's a football game based on the NFL that many people enjoy playing.  Something named after a broadcaster, something that carries a terrible, terrible curse.  Abandon all hope for a social life, ye who play this game.

What was going on?  Oh yeah, this is video of the player- and stadium-specific touchdown celebrations in the new Madden.  Looks pretty realistic, except for the part where Reggie Bush celebrates a score.  Don't lie to me, EA Sports: I had that ass-fetish-clown on my fantasy team last year. 

Make sure to reserve your copy today, otherwise all that standing in line at midnight with lonely overweight men in jerseys will be for nought.

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