Dominate ‘Madden 16’ With These Pass Catching Tips

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There’s a violent kind of ugly poetry to smashmouth football and blowing someone up over the middle while playing Madden, but as in the NFL, you almost certainly need a dominant quarterback to win a championship. The thing about having a dominant quarterback, though, is that it’s a mirage if you don’t have capable receivers. And in Madden 16, if you don’t know how to control the aerial game on both sides of the transaction, then you’re gonna be tortured by pick 6s and incompletions until you throw your controller through a wall in an effort to vent your frustrations and actually hit an intended target. So, because we want the very best for you and your weekend Maddening, we sought the wisdom of Zach Farley from Prima Games and the Official Madden 16 Strategy Guide. So, here’s Farley with five must-know play types that will help you dominate the passing game.

5. End Zone Route

Control: Hot route, right stick up, aggressive catch

Make sure your WR gets off the jam before throwing him a fade; otherwise, it is unlikely to be a success.

If your offense slows down when you get inside the 10-yard line, try this hot route to open it back up. Target a big WR on the outside and try to throw a high-point pass for an aggressive catch! This is something you have seen on Sundays, and now, with a little practice, you can win a one-on-one.

4. Sideline Catch

Control: Hold A (Xbox) or X (PS) when near the sideline/back of the end zone.

Use the sideline catch on passes like corner routes, especially in the fourth quarter. You can pick up big chunks of yards and keep the clock on your side!

If your WR is approaching the sideline, hold down the button and he will attempt to drag his feet. Great players use the entire field on offense, and attacking the outside of the field is crucial to making an opponent feel vulnerable.

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