Three Players In ‘Madden 18’ Have A Perfect 99 Rating

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08.05.17 8 Comments

EA Sports

As we inch ever closer to Madden 18‘s launch, it’s time to step away from the top players at their respective positions (see the best wide receivers, quarterbacks, running backs and tight ends here), to recognize the elite few who have made it into Madden’s honorable “Club 99.” These players have a 99 overall rating and will put just about any team into a winning position.

So without further ado, here are the three players in Madden 18 that have the best ratings in the game.

1. Denver Broncos linebacker Von Miller has a 99 overall rating with a ridiculous set of specific skills: he has a 91 Power Move rating, a 97 Finesse Move rating of 97, he has a 95 Block Shedding rating, and to top it off and make digital QBs sweat, his Pursuit is rated at a ridiculous 98.

Here are his base stats:
92 AWR
87 SPD
89 ACC
89 AGI
84 STR

2. Los Angeles Rams defensive end Aaron Donald is the second player with a perfect 99 overall rating. Like Von Miller, he’s a living nightmare for opposing QBs, and can disrupt offensive lines completely on his own accord. He’s the fastest DE in the top five (and possibly all of Madden 18 but we haven’t been able to confirm that) and boasts 91 Block Shedding and a 96 Power Move rating, which means he’s just throwing dudes around at the line of scrimmage. Kind of like real life.

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