Let’s Look At The The Top-5 ‘Madden 18’ Tight Ends, Wide Receivers And Running Backs

08.02.17 8 months ago

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Madden 18 is just a few weeks away and with fantasy football drafts starting, it’s that special time of year when we talk about football players and just how good they really are. It’s like Christmas in August, but the only present you get is highly-specific arguments that are, for the most part, hypothetical. It’s great! So let’s dive into the best players at tight end, wide receiver and running back.

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Top 5 Running Backs

1. Le’Veon Bell

Bell is almost perfect. He has 98 Juke rating and 97 Ball Carrier Vision — the second best in the game (beaten only by Antonio Brown), and his entire stat line comes together to create a perfect offensive creation. His only knock — an 87 Truck rating, which makes him only decent at the goal line and when he needs to blast a defensive player. Other than that, run, throw, do whatever you want — Bell will be the best at it.

97 Overall
91 AWR
90 SPD
93 ACC
95 AGI
77 STR

2. David Johnson

In my personal opinion, DJ is the best RB in the league. In 2016, he put the Cardinals offense on his back through the air and on the ground, now Bruce Arians is saying that he’ll get 2,000 all-purpose yards, LT-style. That’s real life. In Madden, you can absolutely get Johnson 2,000 all-purpose yards. His Catch rating of 76 ties Theo Riddick for the best among RBs.

94 Overall
90 AWR
92 SPD
91 ACC
93 AGI
83 STR

3. LeSean McCoy

LeSean McCoy has seen a ton of action over the years, but dude still has the goods. He has a 93 Elusiveness rating and 96 Juke, so good luck stopping him in the open field.

92 Overall
93 AWR
90 SPD
92 ACC
98 AGI
66 STR

4. DeMarco Murray

Murray had a resurgence in Tennessee after his terrible hangover in Philly, getting back to his Dallas form in the Titans’ funky offense. Murray can get it done on the ground and through the air, with only Danny Woodhead, Shane Vereen and Charles Sims ranking as better all-round RB pass catchers.

91 Overall
95 AWR
89 SPD
91 ACC
91 AGI
83 STR

5. Ezekiel Elliott

Zeke lived up to all expectations behind the brilliant Dallas O-line in 2016, now he’s only going to get better. In real life, Dallas wants to get him the ball through the air more this season, but in Madden, he has a 71 Catch rating and all other ball-catching stats are in the 60s. It’ll be best to run him and run him hard.

90 Overall
90 AWR
92 SPD
91 ACC
94 AGI
81 STR

Top 5 Tight Ends

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