Let’s Take A Look At The Top 5 ‘Madden 18’ Cornerbacks And Safeties

08.07.17 2 years ago

With Madden 18 being less than three weeks away from release, EA Sports released the ratings for the backbone of every Madden player’s defense: the secondary. With Madden having multiple QBs that are able to shred you from the air, the best defense one could have is one with solid corners to make things a little difficult for the digital QB you’re facing. So let’s start with a look at the top five cornerbacks in Madden 18.

Top 5 Cornerbacks

1) Chris Harris

As EA Sports says, “it’s in the game.” The Denver Broncos Chris Harris Jr sports the best coverage stats of anyone in Madden with a 97 in Man Coverage and a 93 in Zone Coverage. His main drawback might be that his hit power is only at 60, meaning there may be a broken tackle or two should the receiver actually get the ball. But with Harris’ ability to cover, actually getting the ball to the man he’s assigned to, might be a bit more difficult than the opposing player may think.

94 Overall
93 AWR
91 SPD
90 ACC
96 AGI
57 STR

2) Aqib Talib

As it turns out in the initial ratings of the secondary, there are very few weak links in the Denver Broncos secondary, as the guy opposite Harris is number two on this list. Where Talib differs from Harris however, is that he’s a threat with the ball in turnover situations. If a player has Talib on his team and the ball is in his hands, there’s a good chance you’ll see that player with Talib in the end zone.

94 Overall
93 AWR
88 SPD
92 ACC
91 AGI
69 STR

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