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Guys that regularly play Madden are better football fans than those that simply watch the game on TV. So sayeth a study commissioned by the game’s producer, Electronic Arts. Darren Rovell, who somehow gets away with writing about sports at CNBC, has the poop:

EA commissioned the University of Oregon’s Warsaw Sports Marketing Center to survey average NFL fans versus those that played “Madden.”

The survey revealed that those who played “Madden” were 60 percent more knowledgeable about the game than those who just classified themselves as non-gaming fans of the league.[…]

The survey found that those who played Madden were 79 percent better in their general knowlege of the game, 54 percent better when being quizzed about game situations and 28 percent better on the rules of the game.

This reminds me of the time I got straight As in 19th century American history by simply playing hours and hours of Oregon Trail. Life was so much simpler then, no bills to pay, no prostitutes to maim. One time I strangled a hooker that weighed 230 pounds, but I could only carry 100 pounds back to the wagon.

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