The ‘Madden 17’ Super Bowl Simulation Totally Called The Patriots Comeback Win

The official Madden Super Bowl simulation from EA Sports improved its record to 10-4 over the last 14 Super Bowls on Sunday night as the Patriots stormed back late to beat the Atlanta Falcons 34-28 in the actual Super Bowl.

The Madden simulation predicted a 27-24 Patriots win, with Tom Brady leading the Patriots back from a fourth quarter deficit with a last-minute touchdown to take the lead. While it didn’t predict a 25-point comeback like we saw from the real life Patriots, the video game did spot the Falcons a first half lead and a lead late in the fourth quarter, before Brady led the charge for the New England win.

Where the official Madden simulation came closest to being accurate was on the Falcons side, where it almost nailed Matt Ryan’s passing output with a prediction of 287 yards and two touchdowns, as Ryan threw for 284 yards and two touchdowns on Sunday night. The simulation also had Julio Jones at 89 yards receiving, but held out of the end zone, which was only two yards off of Jones’ actual performance of 87 yards and no touchdowns (but one incredible catch that people hopefully won’t forget).

The official Madden simulation wasn’t the only one that got the outcome right, as UPROXX’s Madden sim had the Patriots winning 34-31 in a thriller.