NFL Insider Jay Glazer Really Wants Manchester United Fans To Stop Yelling At Him To Sell The Team

On Sunday, Manchester United’s home game against Liverpool was postponed after protestors at Old Trafford stormed the stadium and ran onto the pitch as the latest escalation of fans calling for the United States ownership of Avram Glazer and the Glazer family — which owns the Tampa Bay Buccaneers — to sell the team following the Super League debacle.

United fans aren’t alone in calling for American owners to sell the team, as Arsenal fans have been calling for Stan Kroenke to sell the team after their failed effort at breaking away to the Super League as well. While not every team that made an effort to break away had American ownership, much of the ire from fans has been directed towards the likes of Kroenke and the Glazers as many have noted that it felt very much like owners who have stake in the NFL, NBA, and MLB were pushing for guaranteed money and remove the risk of falling out of top competitions and losing that revenue — as is the case in American sports’ top leagues.

Somehow caught in the middle of all of this is Jay Glazer, Fox Sports’ NFL insider, who is most definitely not a member of the Manchester United owning Glazer family but has been dealing with thousands of angry tweets in recent weeks from people thinking he owns the team. On Sunday, after the protests sparked more calls for the Glazers to get fired and his mentions filled again with soccer fans yelling at him, the NFL reporter offered a funny response in begging people to stop tweeting at him about Manchester United.

He later decided to have some fun and confuse anyone who still didn’t get it by saying he had decided to sell the team after much consideration.

There are others with more unfortunate names on Twitter who get wrongly yelled at more often and about much more serious things than Jay Glazer does, but this one’s pretty funny. I like to imagine Jay just scrolling through his mentions a couple weeks ago wondering why so many people from England were telling him to “sell the team” and telling him to “f*ck off.” In any case, please stop yelling at Jay about soccer stuff and direct your ire at the correct Glazers in the future.