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UPDATE: The story below was later deemed to be false. With Leather regrets the error.

Ex-Miss Great Britain Danielle Lloyd has been dumped by English footballer Marcus Bent after a steamy sex session with rapper 50 Cent last weekend.

When Fiddy caught up with the buxom babe backstage he invited her back to his £2,500-per-night suit at the Landmark Hotel in West London, where they took a trip to the Candy Shop.

"Danielle was bragging to pals about how big he was – all over" a source told the Daily Mirror "She said he’s a mega-star in more ways than one."

According to another source Lloyd "looked a bit wobbly after her late night."

Um, I guess this is where I make some joke about lollypops or gonorrhea or something, but who am I kidding? I only posted this nonsense so you could see what Danielle Llyod looks like. Mission accomplished. -Skeeters

(Thanks to This Suit Is Not Black for the tip. I owe you buttered popcorn.)

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