Mark Buehrle Is Like A Ninja

04.06.10 9 years ago 3 Comments

Look at those cat-like reflexes!

What many are already prematurely referring to as the play of the year – slow down there, chumbolones – Mark Buehrle made an incredibly acrobatic play after Lou Marson’s one-hopper back at the mound ricocheted off Buehrle’s left foot into foul territory along the first base line. Buhrle chased down the ball and in one motion, flipped it between his legs to Paul Konerko to retire the Cleveland catcher.

”It’s one where you see the play happening, you run over there and say, ‘Do I slide and spin, do I just grab the ball and throw it?”’ Buehrle said. ”Every thought went through my head but that one.

”You could have asked me if I had thrown it between my legs when it happened, and I wouldn’t even have known it.” -Chicago Sun-Times.

Indeed, Mr. Buehrle, indeed. Video follows.

Surely, it was an awesome play and once the marathon that is the MLB season comes to its merciful conclusion ten months from now, it may still rank up there as one of the best. Either way, it certainly begs the question: is there more to Mark Buhrle than meets the eye? Given his acrobatic abilities, could it be possible that he is some sort of anonymous vigilante who will wash the scum from the Chicago streets under the cover of darkness? Maybe, maybe not, but if he is, his first goal should be to track down the Ligue boys. Odds are they are up to no good somewhere.

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