Mark Hunt And Frank Mir Had Themselves A Compliment Fight On An Australian Radio Show

UFC Fight Night 85 is still a month away, but the main event is already heating up. Former heavyweight champ Frank Mir and all-time people’s champion Mark “Super Samoan” Hunt were on the Fitzy and Wippa radio show in Sydney. In a moment very similar to Robbie Lawler and Rory MacDonald’s awkward Canadian trash talk before UFC 189, Fitzy and Wippa had Mir and Hunt engage in a “Compliment Fight”, and now everyone has heart eyes.

It’s tough to choose, but my personal favorite line from Mir is about Hunt’s adorable laugh, because it is one billion percent correct. Mark’s chuckle is adorable and is literally made out of puppies nuzzling your heart.

My favorite line from Hunt is the compliment of Frank’s teeth, because Mir instantly asks Mark to be respectful of that during the fight. We all remember what happened to Stefan Struve’s face when he fought Hunt:

Mark Hunt and Frank Mir will go from killing each other with kindness on the radio to attempting it with strikes and submissions in the main event of UFC Fight Night 85 on Saturday, March 19.