10.06.09 9 years ago 6 Comments

I really didn’t know what it was about ESPN’s Mark May that gets under my skin. He’s not a terrible analyst. He’s not a terrible dresser. And between he, Rece Davis and Lou Holtz, he might be the most competent individual on that College Football Whatever set.

And then I saw this, and then it hit me: There might be 15 seconds out of an entire one-hour show where May acts like an arrogant, insufferable ass, and it’s that almost-instantaneous lapse of decorum that makes me want to toss his severed head down a garbage chute [not that I’m bitter or anything]. And sure, Lou Holtz may not be the sharpest nose in Charlie Weis’ ass right now, but the guy deserves respect [to his face, if nothing else]. And here’s May either pantomiming a yawn or…yeah, it looks like he’s blowing a dude. And this either says to the audience, “Lou, your rhetoric is putting me to sleep,” or “Man, my appetite for man meat is insatiable.” Might want to try that move in the mirror beforehand, Mark. It’s called the “down low” for a reason. via.

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