Marshall Henderson Just Took All Of Our Hater Asses To Psychology School

It was only a matter of time before Ole Miss basketball “star” and pimp of the SEC Nation, Marshall Henderson, explained why he Tweeted such homophobic and ignorant things about ESPN’s coverage of Michael Sam being drafted. It turns out that all that hate and ignorance? That’s on us, you guys, you social media sheeple. Henderson’s gay friend is working on a psychology project for class, the otherwise shining example of class and grace explained in a series of Tweets, and what better way to gauge public reaction to a notable sports personality’s hateful and hypocritical comments than by just having him make them?

At least I think that’s the point of this f*cked up and rambling explanation, because I’m not sure what the point of having someone who has notoriously acted like an ass on and off the court and also been accused of serious substance abuse saying that he’s worried about his impressionable younger brothers would be. Even if Henderson isn’t telling us the truth about this being a psychology experiment, he sure made my brain work overtime on a Monday morning.

Hey, at least he didn’t say he was hacked.