Marshawn Lynch Interrupted Jack Del Rio’s Presser To Make Sure He Could Go Home

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Marshawn Lynch’s debut with the Oakland Raiders was a successful one, both for him personally and the team, as they defeated the Titans 26-16. Lynch had 18 carries for 76 yards and one reception for 16 yards in the win. Not only was Lynch’s production solid, but the star ran with the same physicality and strength that was his hallmark during his time in Seattle and Buffalo.

A year out of the league didn’t seem to have any real effect on Lynch on the field and off the field, it’s the same old Marshawn.

After the game, as Jack Del Rio held his post-game coach’s press conference, Lynch popped in to get clearance from the boss to make sure he could go home. Lynch wanted to know if his three minutes he was available to the media would suffice for his player requirement and he could bounce in a very funny moment.

Lynch is still here just so he doesn’t get fined, and it appears as though Del Rio found Lynch’s pop-in pretty funny. I love the idea of Lynch standing in the locker room, answering a couple of questions and then reporters walking away while he worried that he hadn’t talked enough.

The Marshawn Lynch-era in Oakland is a delight already on and off the field, and figures to be one of the more fun storylines in the NFL to follow this season.