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Bills running back Marshawn Lynch was charged with felony gun possession last week, and at the time it seemed like an odd arrest because the news story made no mention of why Lynch and his two friends were pulled over.  Well, that’s because they were parked at the time.  Parked suspiciously.

[P]olice approached the black Mercedes Lynch and two others were sitting in it was parked suspiciously with the engine running, and that the car didn’t have proper license plates.

Run-on sentence much, professional journalists?

“They (officers) knocked on the window of the car. Someone unrolled the window. They saw three people in the car and they could smell a strong odor – marijuana coming from the car. They had the occupants exit so they could further investigate to see if there was any marajuana [sic] in the car. What they found were four, not marajuana [sic] cigarettes – what they call blunts or swisher sweets that appeared to contain marijuana in them,” says [Captain Dave] Tankenson.

Sitting in a parked car getting high with a loaded gun doesn’t seem like the wisest idea, but on the other hand, it’s hard to get pissed at a guy with a great blog who was obviously the target of racial profiling.  Besides, you can’t hate a guy with great fantasy stats.  Unless you don’t own him.

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