Martellus Bennett Is A Comedian

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07.06.10 9 Comments

Dallas Cowboys tight end Martellus Bennett had some fun with a fake beard on the fourth of July, notably dancing around in front of a video camera and calling himself Osama Bin Laden. Bennett was apparently hanging out in a tattoo parlor to show his love for Independence Day and the unapologetic jokester thought he’d put on a little show as “Osama Been Happenin.”

Bennett pulled the video from his YouTube soon after posting it, but seeing as it’s the Internet, nothing is ever deleted, not even those underwear ads I did for Boy’s Life. They said they’d be tasteful, damnit. Meanwhile, the guy who once caused a stir with his “Black Olympics” video for which he was fined $22,000 dollars by the NFL is drawing the scorn and ire of his local media and Cowboys fans.

What’s the weather on the 9 report, Dallas-Ft. Worth 33 TV:

“It is just a couple of guys having fun and posting video to YouTube, which is no different from a 14-year old doing it, except that Bennett is higher profile,” Andrew Batman, said.

But, while some are ready to dismiss the Osama impersonation as just silliness, Tina Estes is not.

“My husband is retired military. I really find it offensive. I think we need to capture Bin laden and he doesn’t need to make light of that,” Estes said.

Bennett’s Twitter account has been a quote machine for the easily irritable bloggers and columnists, as he apologized recently for calling Vince Young “childish” in regard to the Tennessee Titans’ QB’s involvement in a strip club brouhaha last month. The full video of Marty B’s antics at the tattoo parlor is below, so feel free to judge for yourself if his behavior warrants any punishment from the NFL or the Cowboys.

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