‘Massive Soccer Brawl’ About What You’d Expect

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05.16.11 2 Comments

A huge fight broke out during the Mexican League’s Monarcas Morelia/Cruz Azul semifinals match when a fan ran onto the field to shake the hand of his favorite player, Gerardo Torrado. Torrado and the entire Cruz Azul team decided to attack the guy, and that’s when I lose the ability to accurately recap. What follow is chaos, with a bunch of guys dressed like loaves of bread (and all differently … I swear there are at least sixteen teams playing) running around taking swings at each other. A goalie headbutts somebody in the face. One guy breaks out a lucha libre thigh kick.

It’s basically the spiritual opposite of the Astros fan who ran out onto the field at Minute Maid Park and managed to get away. Imagine walking up to Ben Crane in the middle of a Masters put and having him turn around and start Muay Thai kickboxing you. Soccer By Ives adds the literary sprinkles:

Perhaps the best part? The fan who started it all was released by police after paying a $2.50 fine. Yes, you read that right (and to top it off, the fan, a 21-year-old college student, said in this interview that he’d now be a Morelia fan). You can’t make this stuff up.

Here are a few alternate angle videos of the fight, with a big H/T to SBN.

And a close-up of the headbutt. Boom, headshot.

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