The Spurs Retired Matt Bonner’s Flannel Jersey In A ‘Cozy’ Ceremony Fitting For The Red Mamba

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New Hampshire native Matt Bonner announced his retirement in a video filled with self-deprecation and New England accents. It was well done and funny, unlike another recent video done by an athlete with ties to the area. A two-time champion with the San Antonio Spurs, the 36-year-old called it a career in entertaining fashion.

But it turns out the boring Spurs have a pretty good sense of humor too, as they “retired” one of Bonner’s many flannel shirts in a private ceremony.

Bonner himself seemed to appreciate the gesture:

Seriously. This guy really liked flannel.

Finding out the Spurs are good at jokes is must’ve been like seeing Robert De Niro in Midnight Run for the first time after a career of dramatic acting. “Wait, the guy from The Godfather and Taxi Driver? He has impeccable comic timing too? This didn’t seem possible and now I’d like more of it.”

(h/t For The Win)