Mavs Gameplan for Finals: Shoot All These Threes, Dunk On These Goals

The Dallas Mavericks are going to the NBA Finals, so they’re going to need a rap song featuring basketball words. Thankfully, Dallas-based rapper Dorrough has stepped up, and although “Dallas Mavs (Bounce Dat)” is about as bad as music can get before its classified as garbage truck noises, I’m pretty happy that he didn’t just try to shoehorn “blue and other blue” into the “Black and Yellow” chorus. He’s got his Dallas Maverick hat on, and he’s in the skybox, and he’s yelling out DIRK! DIRK! DIRK!

Highlights of the song include the phrase “we keep the Twitter poppin'” (because “trending on Twitter” is the new “being rich and having sex with girls”), a surprisingly bitch-free rhyme for Stojakovic, and the idea that LeBron James and Dwyane Wade don’t matter because Dallas has “a bunch of names.” It’s also pretty funny that Dirk and Jason Terry get complimented, but Jason Kidd is simply identified as a “vet.” Yeah, that’s about right. The chorus begins with “we all on TV,” and all I can think is, “yeah, the Mavericks are, but what channel are you on, Dorrough?”

[H/T Pineriders]