New UFC Featherweight Champ Max Holloway Received A Rousing Hero’s Welcome From His Native Hawaii

06.07.17 1 year ago

At UFC 212, Max Holloway’s thrashing of Jose Aldo gave Hawaiians their first UFC champion since BJ Penn lost the lightweight belt to Frankie Edgar in April of 2010. It’s been a long time coming for the Hawaiians, who have been yearning for a show on the Big Island for years and absolutely love their fighting. Now we’re seeing the heartwarming hero’s welcome they gave Holloway as he got off his plane home and stepped back onto his native soil.

Holloway’s usually an intense dude who doesn’t shy away from sh*t talk, so seeing him all smiles here is definitely a welcome change of pace. Notice how the leis keep getting piled on as the video follows his return home. They almost cover his entire face by the end:

This was planned in part by the UFC, who sent out a call to action for all locals to greet Holloway like the champion he is:

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