10.25.06 11 years ago 4 Comments

Three saucy little minxes high school cheerleaders in Colorado were handcuffed and led away by security guards for their involvement in a prank.

The three allegedly put paper over a portion of a sign in front of Douglass Valley Elementary School, leaving it to read "ass Valley Elementary School," said school spokeswoman Nanette Anderson.

Ah, Ass Valley. What I wouldn't give to live there. The property values are just too high, though.

Oh, and the headline from the Denver Post article? High school cheerleaders handcuffed. Which is a crazy coincidence, because I just had that dream last night. Or is it not a coincidence if I have that dream every night? I'll need a ruling from the Sexy Coincidence Committee.

(Credit goes to Peter Schrager for finding the story.) 

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