Someone Got Backstage At Mayweather-McGregor In London Thanks To Credentials Posted On Instagram

07.16.17 8 months ago


Among the first things you get told when receiving press credentials is not to post pictures of them to social media. That’s because credentials are mostly identified by their color and the words/letters on them that let security know where you are and aren’t allowed access to, which makes them reasonably easy to forge if you know what you’re making.

Because all it takes is the right printing equipment and computer skills to make a fake credential, these rules are put in place with the threat of having your credential revoked and possibly being banned from future events to keep images off the internet. That message apparently didn’t filter down through everyone in Floyd Mayweather’s crew, because Mayweather’s driver posted pictures of promoter badges to Instagram ahead of the London press conference for the Floyd Mayweather-Conor McGregor bout.

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