A Mayweather-McGregor Photographer Talks Us Through His Favorite Shots Of The Fight

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08.27.17 2 Comments

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Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor is in the books, now all that’s left is looking back on the historic fight and dissecting it in ridiculous detail. In an attempt to satisfy our never-ending desire of discussing Mayweather/McGregor, we spoke to Getty Image’s Christian Petersen, who we had break down some of his favorite shots from the biggest fight in history.

Petersen said it was “surreal” to be ringside. He’s shot Super Bowls, NBA Finals, and NHL Finals but this was huge. He doesn’t watch fighting all that much, but he loves to photograph the action. It’s the ultimate test for an athlete, and while he’s been up close and personal in some of the biggest sporting events ever, including multiple Olympic games, this was definitely special.

The Face Blast

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“I don’t remember what round that was taken, 8th or 9th round. I could see in the 8th Conor’s legs were shaking a bit. He came out swinging so hard and Floyd is a very smart boxer. He took the punches and wore him down. Conor was stumbling and gasping. It was a smart fight for Floyd and that’s why he’s undefeated. With the shot, it’s nice when the boxer opens up to you, so many have the shoulder in the way. But Conor’s sweat and spit is coming off his face. It’s great.”

When it comes to this fight already becoming a meme, Petersen is an old vet.

“My first taste of memes came at the Ronda Rousey fight when she lost to Amanda Nunez. The fight was so short I think I only had one good connection photo, but it spread all over and I saw it played up against the famous baseball fight between the Rangers and Blue Jays last year. This photo is in the same shape. Maybe it’s a three-way meme. But that’s what we want at Getty — for the photos to be seen and shared.”

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McGregor Walking Out

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