Watch The First Mayweather-McGregor Press Conference Live With Mauro Ranallo And Brendan Schaub

It has begun. Mauro Ranallo, Brendan Schaub, and Paulie Malignaggi kicked off the first Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor press conference in LA like you would expect — in astonishment that it’s even happening. They built up the story of McGregor being on welfare just five years ago, and what it means to be the perfect example of hard work and sacrifices.

Meanwhile, more fans filled the arena than the last UFC and Bellator events, it seemed. Dana White confirmed that 18,000 people had tickets to this event.

Schaub is all-in on McGregor beating Mayweather, while Paulie is explaining to him the nuances of boxing and the offensive and defensive positions that Mayweather will use that McGregor has never seen and vice versa.

Aloe Blacc performed too.

The show started officially with McGregor pacing the stage for a few minutes before Floyd Mayweather came out.

This is truly an event. It puts to shame anything the UFC has ever done and is immediately one of the most important boxing events ever. Take from that what you will.

The first face off happened with McGregor dancing around and talking trash while Mayweather stood stoically. For once, he won’t have to carry the promotion.

Then things slowed down big time and we realized why boxing is neck and neck with MMA. We got a cool promotion to start, but now it’s just talking and thanking people. McGregor plays to the crowd. He’s clearly bored.

Oddly enough, Dana White gets a huge response from the crowd. This seems absolutely like an MMA crowd, and the quiet promotion of the boxing lads isn’t taking well. White screams McGregor’s intro, and McGregor starts with: “Baby we did it.”

McGregor opens the salvo: “I’m going to knock him out within four rounds mark my words. He’s wearing a f*cking track suit. He can’t even afford a suit anymore!”

May didn’t react. At all. McGregor ran down the list of caveats Mayweather demanded. 10 oz gloves, no horse hair gloves and so much more. McGregor said all he needed a gum shield, and Mayweather may have a problem with MMA, but he didn’t come to MMA like James Toney did. McGregor said if it were a “real fight” it would be over in less than a round.

Then Mayweather stepped up to the podium, screaming “hard work” as some of the audience chanted back.

Mayweather says: “I don’t care if it’s a ring or an Octagon.” Then McGregor cuts in — “you do care if it’s an Octagon!” Mayweather says: “I’m going to knock him out” to which McGregor replies: “you haven’t knocked anyone out in 20 years!”

Then Mayweather says he’ll put on 4 o gloves for some reason, even though he wouldn’t. Makes no sense.

Then, they faced off once again and jawwed at each other for about 5 minutes straight until they had to be separated:

Is this gonna be worth the $100?