09.21.07 11 years ago 16 Comments

Sports media news is retarded and boring, but here's something that concerns my beautiful blogorhood:

Yahoo Sports has hired Jamie Mottram, currently editor of AOL's Fanhouse blog network, as its Senior Editor of Blogs & Community, continuing an extended run of hires for the online outlet. Mottram, who will start next month and report to Executive Editor Dave Morgan, will not replicate Fanhouse in total but seek to develop a sports social media area for the portal… Morgan: "We have an audience and community that is desperate to interact with each other, and we really haven't had a full platform to do that. So having Jamie is a really important step in that direction for us. It's not going to happen overnight, but over the next year, you'll see us be much more active and engaged with regard to social media."

Jamie's one of those dickheads who's really smart and good-looking and has his shit together but is still a down-to-earth, stand-up guy.  He was probably an Eagle Scout.  He deserves every ounce of credit for bringing FanHaus to fruition, but of course he'll try to deflect it to the ragtag crew of less-attractive people he hired.  Good luck at Yahoo!, Mottram.  See if you can get them to drop that chickenshit exclamation point.

[NOTE: The Big Lead has a Q&A with Mottram in which TBL somehow avoids bringing up "The Wonder Years." Must have been tough for him.]

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