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Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s clothing line from Adidas went on sale yesterday morning, and were his fans excited:

"We've already seen him," Earnhardt fan Krystle Forsythe said, standing at the front of the line. "We've been stalking him all week." . . . Judging by the scene outside the Sports Authority store across the street from Daytona International Speedway on Friday, the new clothing line could become the racing equivalent to Apple's iPhone or Nintendo's Wii. "Well, it's more important to me, because I don't have either of those," said 23-year-old Forsythe.

You don't say, Krystle with a 'K'. I don't have either of those things either. Where are you from darling?

She and her mother, Diana Brock, flew all the way down from Collingwood, Ontario, to attend Sunday's Daytona 500. And if that wasn't enough of a show of loyalty to their favorite driver — who's "just funny and he can drive really good," according to Forsythe — they also lined up early to get first crack at Earnhardt's new souvenir line. How early? Try 10:30 Thursday night. "We're from Canada, so we won't be able to get this stuff for a while," Forsythe said.

Wait, you're from Canada and you're a NASCAR fan? I'm sorry baby, but I have standards. I'd rather take my chances with some more bear urine. -KD 

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