Meet Jayson Carter, Rice's 4-Foot-9 Running Back

Senior Writer

Jayson Carter

The 6-2 Rice Owls laid an embarrassing 45-7 hurting on the 1-6 Texas-El Paso Miners on Saturday, but just how embarrassing was it? It was so embarrassing that with a little more than 6 minutes left in the game, the Owls allowed sophomore walk-on running back Jayson Carter to enter the game, and that wouldn’t be much of a deal in any other game except for the fact that Carter is only 4-foot-9 and weighs 135 pounds.

Wait, did I say that this was embarrassing? Because it wasn’t. It was actually pretty awesome, as Carter suffers from a growth disorder, but has continued to bust his ass for years to get to where he is today, as one of the most respected players on the Rice football team, and now probably even in all of the country. Carter had one carry for one yard, and it’s probably going to be the most memorable 1-yard carry in Rice history, and one of the biggest carries of the year.

How’s that for a double dose of hyperbole?

A fun fact about Carter: He played both offense and defense in high school, racking up 1,200 yards and 18 touchdowns, as well as 92 tackles and an interception at safety. So before you make fun of Carter or Rice for giving this kid a shot, remember that he’s probably better at football than all of us.

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