Mega Gallery: The Stupid, Awesome, & Cool Athlete Tattoo Trivia Challenge

Welcome ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls of all ages – who are all required by law to remain at least 100 yards away from Punte – and all of the rest of you WithLeatherites to a new feature I’ve been wanting to try here – The WithLeather Trivia Challenge. I figured I could combine your love of useless sports knowledge, my love of trying new stuff and giving free stuff away, and the entire world’s love of our Mega Galleries and turn it into one giant orgy of experimentation.
Today’s inaugural Trivia Challenge – and possibly the only, if you all violently abhor or ignore this idea – involves our love of athlete tattoos, specifically the ridiculous and absurd. But I’ve also thrown in some cool tattoos as well, just not my tramp stamp of Ke$ha kissing Lady Gaga. Some things are meant to be kept private. So you must be wondering, “Burnsy, you look like you take great care of your pecs and abs, so how does this thing work?” And the answer to that is 8,000 sit-ups each morning and you will scroll through the following photos, record your answers and then email them to me at
On Friday at noon Eastern Time, I will tally the scores and the Top 3 scores will get a very special prize – a limited edition first print With Leather t-shirt that you can wear to tell everyone that you don’t do sh*t at work or school all day. I’ve tried to balance the pics between easy and hard, and anyone with Google should be able to get most of them without too much effort. After all, making you work hard makes me work hard, and none of us want that. And feel free to spoil the answers in the comments, because this is America and that’s what we do – ruin things.

Before you get confused, none of these are me.

Like I said, some of these are easy.

OK, some of these are too easy. If you can’t get this, congrats – you’re a NBA GM.

Again, this isn’t me.

I’ll give you a hint: I wish this hand was broken.

This one is probably tough. Or not. I mean, I know who it is.

I might accept “some dumb hick” as an answer to this one. But really, I’m just looking for “a douchebag who got drunk and now lives his daily life with regret”.

Something tells me not to make fun of this one.

OK, this one might be me.