Meme Watch: Creepin’ A-Rod Is Watching You

Senior Writer
10.14.11 6 Comments

It’s hard to believe that anything is going to top my new favorite sports meme in the world, Excited Soccer Kid, but the above picture of Alex Rodriguez caught my eye and I could only think, “Oh this is begging for it.” Basically, A-Rod was out and about the other day, paying for his parking, when he spotted a photographer and suddenly became camera shy. You could almost say he struck out for some privacy. *holds hand up, waits for a high five*
Of course we all know that A-Rod has a very peculiar social history, between his appreciation of manlier women (including his latest squeeze, Ella Magers) and always living in Derek Jeter’s shadow. But if Creepin’ A-Rod has taught me anything, it’s that he’s so much stranger than we thought we knew.

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