This Double-Gloved Mets Fan Is Taking No Chances When It Comes To Foul Balls

If you’ve ever arrived at a baseball game early enough for batting practice, you’ve probably realized the importance of bringing a glove. It’s hard enough to catch a falling rock from the sky already, the least you should do is give your hands a break.

And then once batting practice ends and you head back to your seats for the game, there are still plenty of good reasons to have a glove! Maybe you’re sitting in the lower level along the sideline, in prime foul ball territory! Maybe you’re in the outfield, close enough to hang over the wall!

But what you probably don’t need to do is bring two gloves. I mean, if the ball is close enough for you to grab with one hand…can’t you just grab it with the other hand that has the glove on it?

How do you drink your beer and eat your hot dog? Do you hold the cup between them and sip like a toddler clasping a sippy cup between their palms? You’re definitely giving up any chance of eating nachos, you need real finger dexterity for that.

What if the camera pans to you, how do you wave to your friends at home? Do you just flop your hands, like a lobster? How will you pick up your phone when they call immediately after, both to say they saw you on TV and also ask “WHY DO YOU HAVE TWO GLOVES?!?”

I hope we see this guy again during this Mets-Cubs series, because America needs answers.