01.02.10 8 years ago

If you watched the press conference following last night’s Sugar Bowl, you got to hear Urban Meyer announce (presumably to the dismay of his wife who stood by looking less than pumped) that he’ll be back in Action Jackson as Head Coach for the University of Florida.

Meyer took the microphone on the Superdome field and appealed to clarify a medical limbo that originally prompted his resignation last weekend before shifting into a “leave of absence.”

“I plan on being the coach of the Gators,” he said, as the Florida fans roared and his wife, Shelley, nodded her head.

What about his health? “I got to work on that a little,” he said. “I love our players. I love Gator Nation.”–

The news should make the higher-ups at UF happy, as Brenneman and Billick discussed during the game that there were a handful of recruits who were still on the fence. It definitely put some exclamation points on an already big night for the Gators who destroyed the Cinci Bearcats, 51-24; and Tim Tebow’s record-breaking career-game with 533 total yards should be just enough to keep Meyer from peacing out for at least one more week.

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