Miami Heat Exterminated by Germany

It is futile to resist the comedy of Flula Borg, a Bavarian-born German DJ and Dirk Nowitzki supporter who has succinctly and amazingly stated everything wrong with the Miami Heat. I could blog about these guys for a hundred years and never get it this right. Highlights include LeBron James being French, velociraptor Chris Bosh changing Erik Spoelstra’s sh**ty diaper and Juwan Howard’s parents being 38 when they made him. “This is amazing! Congratulate, Juwan!” He might be clinically insane, he might be Borat, but his video is a must watch. And a must watch again.

I want this to be a fair and balanced sports blog, so if you see someone other than the Westboro Baptist Church protesting the Dallas Mavericks, please, send it along. I think my favorite criticism so far has been “Jason Kidd is old and not great.” Well yeah, obviously, but I was still shouting GAME OVER MAN when he drained that three.

[big H/T to Off the Bench]