Think About This Michael Brockers Story Next Time You Think About Getting Flowers On Valentine’s

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In partnership with Pandora Jewelry, UPROXX asked former pro football players to share some of their worst Valentine’s Day experiences, and as to be expected, all of them involved mistakes made on their end. Because gift giving is hard, and there’s a certain expectation that comes with the mid-February day of love.

In the above video, defensive end Michael Brockers (who is going to want to avoid a different set of mistakes during today’s game) shares his own harrowing tale of misguided love. In a way, it’s a story about the circle of life. Well, that one particular part of the circle that comes after life ends, at least. And it, too, brings about an important lesson. Valentine’s Day is about love, you guys, stop buying your significant other things that are decomposing before the credit card even gets swiped. A holiday as important as this needs a gift that’s a bit more evergreen. And as Brockers learned, Outkast was right about what roses smell like once you’ve paid for a room full of them after time takes its toll.

Check out the gift options over at PANDORA Jewelry to make sure you don’t drop the ball this Valentine’s Day.

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