Michael Irvin Drank Water Upside Down To Cure His Hiccups Live On ‘NFL Gameday Morning’

There aren’t many things that are worse to deal with for someone on television than getting the hiccups while on air. They aren’t something you can try to just power through, because any time you talk you’re going to interrupt yourself. However, as everyone who has had the hiccups knows, they are notoriously difficult to get rid of without doing something weird, which puts you in an awkward spot if you’re on live television.

This conundrum presented itself to Michael Irvin on Sunday morning when he caught the hiccups on NFL Gameday Morning, but the Playmaker wasn’t going to let it derail his morning of talking about Week 18 in the NFL. No, Irvin decided to take action with the help of Kurt Warner and Steve Mariucci, providing something of a “how-to” video for viewers at home to cure the hiccups in record time.

Irvin laid down on the desk with his head hanging off the edge so he could get upside down, with Warner holding his feet and Mariucci gently pouring water into his mouth, while Rich Eisen tried to capture what was happening next to him.

The results speak for themselves as Irvin popped up like the Undertaker and was cured of his hiccups, ready to get back into the discussion declaring “NOW WHERE WAS I?” It’s some great teamwork from Warner and Mariucci, and now we know a tried and true method for solving hiccups.