Michael Jordan Will Join Derek Jeter In Bidding For The Miami Marlins

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Derek Jeter’s first effort to purchase the Miami Marlins failed when a proposed deal between a group that included the retired Yankees star and former Florida governor and presidential candidate Jeb Bush fell through. However, Jeter is resilient and will not be deterred from purchasing South Florida’s baseball team that easily, and he’s calling on an old friend for help.

According to Ken Davidoff, Josh Kosman, and Claire Atkinson of the New York Post, Jeter has put together a group of 15 investors for a $1.2 billion bid on the Marlins that includes Michael Jordan. The Post’s report claims Jordan’s contribution to the group is not a substantial amount of the financial burden of the bid, but that it’s more about Jeter wanting his presence.

Jeter sees Jordan as a role model in how to become a successful sports executive, a source who knows Jeter said.

That group is allegedly the front-runner for the purchase of the Marlins, while two other groups are also in play. There is Tagg Romney’s group, which now includes Jeb Bush and, naturally, Miami rapper Pitbull, per the Miami Herald, and there’s Miami billionaire Jorge Mas’ bid, which doesn’t include any fun celebrities. Michael Jordan and Derek Jeter versus Jeb Bush, Tagg Romney, and Pitbull sounds like the weirdest Celebrity Deathmatch episode of all time, not a baseball ownership bidding war, but I’m very much here for it.

Jeter and Jordan’s alliance should come as little surprise, considering Jeter has long been signed to Jordan Brand. For Jordan, this is an opportunity to further diversify his portfolio and dip his toes into baseball once again, but this time keep his main focus on basketball.