Michael Jordan Dunked On The Luckiest Little Kid In The Entire World

At 50 years young, Michael Jordan may be widely considered one of the worst decision-makers in NBA front office history and absolutely one of the league’s worst fashion icons – not to mention awful at picking his friends – but he’s still the reason that the majority of us ever started watching the game in the first place. And he continued to help keep the dream alive for plenty of kids last week at his Flight School camp at the University of California, where I assume that one of the first lessons he taught the youngsters was to never agree to accept wearing a Hitler mustache as the terms of losing a bet.

But for some reason or another, the man they simply called Air played a little one-on-one with one of the campers, and he showed that he still has some mild hop and skills for an old fart. That kid, though – he gets to tell all of his friends for the rest of his life that he was dunked on by the greatest of all-time.

Or maybe ESPN will have him and the kid that LeBron dunked on at his camp back in 2011 on First Take this week to debate which star is better at dunking on kids. Just don’t sit on Skip Bayless’ lap, you guys. I have a bad feeling about that.