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Olympic swimmer and noted marijuana connoisseur Michael Phelps crashed his SUV in Baltimore yesterday. A woman drove through a red light and collided with Phelps’ black Cadillac Escalade last night, around 9 pm. Police have apparently cleared Phelps of any fault in the accident.

It was not clear whether the woman, whom police have not named, would be charged with any traffic offenses. She suffered minor injuries and was treated and released from Maryland Shock Trauma Center. Phelps and his two passengers were not hurt, police said. via.

Police described Phelps’ state after the crash as “coherent” and did not give him a Breathalyzer test. Wow, I guess we’re just presuming that Phelps is either drunk or high every time he leaves the house now. The woman, by the way, was driving a Honda Accord, which is about as good a match for the Escalade as you’d expect–she was admitted to the hospital with neck and arm injuries. I smell lawsuit! Wait, no, I think that’s actually pot.

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