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Children, let this be a lesson: while few things in life are as satisfying as running an illegal dogfighting operation in your rural enclave, it's just not worth the risk if you're also an NFL quarterback.  Just look at the latest piece of bad news for Michael Vick:

Kathy Strouse, the animal control coordinator for the City of Chesapeake in Virginia which is investigating the case at the Smithfield home, told Yahoo.com on Tuesday she has spoken with individuals who can "put Vick on that property" during matches. Saying she is "very confident" that Vick will be tied directly to the dog fighting on the property, Strouse has challenged Surry County Commonwealth attorney Gerald Poindexter to bring charges…

Strouse indicated that the individuals who place the Falcons quarterback at the scene have been reluctant to testify. In Virginia, dogfighting is a felony and punishable by up to five years in prison.

Man, a year ago, what were the odds that Michael Vick would go to jail before his brother Marcus?  20-1?  I can't believe this family's bad judgment.  Think about it: if you're a famous millionaire, do you set up an illegal dogfighting operation, or do you round up a dozen sexy groupies and have a weekly Vaseline Wrestling Night?

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